ShowSelectFolderDialog: Message

I use this code to allow user to export data in a Folder

Var exportFolder As FolderItem = Folderitem.ShowSelectFolderDialog

It’s work well but it’s not very explicit is there a way to show a message like in the Save As Dialog, for ex “Select a destination folder”?

I made my own Methods for DialogBox, DialogLoad, DialogSave.
I can send you my code if you want.


@Thomas_ROBISSON I will be very interested :pray:t4:

On my website you can download Zx_External which contains a module I use in all my projects. You may download one of the free project (without lock) like NbreConvert, SquareBid, etc. . The projects folders and the ZZ_External folder must be in the same parent folder.
Search “MyDialogSave”. You may have to clean other function I added (if you display a dialogbox in a sheet window, it is modal only on its parent window, not modal on all others windows. I added code with a flag to be able able to make a sheet window modal for all the windows of the application.
If you don’t know what I speak about I may have to make small project showing the diffrence.

I made native dialogs with lots of options for macOS a while back.

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I can recommend these classes, they’re very good.