Showroom: XojoWebOS


I want to show a little project I’m currently working on. A customer of mine wanted a good looking and extensible GUI fo his webapplications.

So I started to work on a “WebOS” which is xojo based. Xojo brings a lot of good “inhouse” functions, which I use.

The result is a webapp with full window-handling, an own appstore, a file manager and texteditors.

Later this year I want to open the appstore for external apps, which are integrated over iFrames and and a good API.
Also I want to make it open source, when I’m almost ready.

Here are some screenshots:

Now a question:
has anyone some cool apps which I can deeply integrate into the “OS”?

A good idea, I think, is to integrate some core functions of linux webservers or the xojocloud for easier use of them.

Also some online games or some helpfull tools like a calculator would be nice.

Some of my own apps I’ll also integrate in some days (,

I hope for feedback (later this week I’ll upload the current version for real testing!)

Greeting, Lars

this is the current feature list:

  • File Manager (create, edit, browse files and directories)
  • code editor
  • text editor (html based text editor with a lot of functions)
  • app store (lists all non-system-apps, one click-installation)
  • options
  • full window support like you know from real OS (using webdialogpalettes)
  • integrate external webapps over iframes