ShowPopover with custom control as parent

ShowPopover’s parentControl is defined as type DesktopUIControl. I am currently bypassing this as every single control I use is a custom control (Containers usually) but this is causing problems. Would be nice to see an alternative where ParentControl could be of type DesktopContainer :confused:

DesktopContainer.ShowPopover(parentControl As DesktopUIControl, facing As DesktopWindow.DisplaySides = DesktopWindow.DisplaySides.Bottom, detachable As Boolean = True)

Please @Sveinn_Runar_Sigurdsson, file a Feature Request for it if you need to show the Popover on the Container itself instead of any of the controls, well, contained by the Container :wink:

As a workaround, you may consider put a rectangle with 0% color opacity as the background control in the Container (download the example project)


I use a similar approach to get it done, but then I have to set the scope of that “dummy control” to public…plus, in general it’s a pretty dirty arrangement.

I have posted the issue, thanx for the tip.

You could probably work around this with Events, maybe an Event Definition like RequestPopover(oTarget as DesktopUIControl)

Slightly cleaner, but the cleanest approach would be to support other types than DesktopUIControl.