Showing a MessageDialog

Dim d as New MessageDialog //declare the MessageDialog object Dim b as MessageDialogButton //for handling the result d.icon=MessageDialog.GraphicCaution //display warning icon d.Title="The name and/or type fields are blank" d.Explanation="Please fill in the required fields." b=d.ShowModal //display the dialog

Why does this not show an X mark and it does not show the full title and shows “…” at the end of the title. Also, would it be better if I did not store the message dialog in a variable because I do not need the value of the msgbox. Is there a quick built-in function for this?


You are better off using the Message and Explanation fields to relay the error and the explanation of the error. The title field is limited in length and will not expand in size. The message field is presented as bold text and the explanation is non-bold and meant to further explain things. This is explained in the help for the MessageDialog class.

In regards to showing what you call the X-mark, again, look at the documentation where they show what icon appears for what graphic you request. Caution shows and exclamation mark, Stop shows a white X on a red background.

And if you don’t care about the result, use Call d.ShowModal instead.

Sorry I mean the close button.

Thankyou this is one question answered.