Show Xojo: Aoife - Static Site Generator

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to announce the first public release of my open source command line static site generator, Aoife.

Essentially, Aoife converts a directory of Markdown files into a complete website that can then be uploaded to any host. It’s written in Xojo and supports macOS, Windows, Linux and the Raspberry Pi. It has a comprehensive theming system that is really easy to make new themes for. That’s part of the reason I built it was because I was fed up with how hard WordPress is to design new themes for and also I wanted a native way to use Markdown for my blog posts.

It’s almost entirely pure Xojo code. It does rely on the MBS Markdown plugin to do the heavy lifting of converting Markdown into HTML but everything else is pure Xojo. I’m actually really interested in finding someone to help me write a Markdown parser in Xojo so I can make the project 100% Xojo code.

There is comprehensive documentation at its official site. I’d be very grateful for any feedback.

Direct download links.