Show the Build date in the About Box

We can set the Xojo version in the About box and I love it.

I tried (for years) to set the build date and failed; I saw that days ago ! I only displayed the running day (today at run time).

How can I set the build date in an About window.
(of course, without typing it manually and change it manually at each new release)

I think app.BuildDate should be what you are looking for

Seems so. How it can be possible that I never saw it ?

… A 10 years old entry !!!

Thank you Chris, I will use it asap ! (today ?)

[New] [All] Application.BuildDate: this new read-only Date property provides the date and time at which the application was built.

i used to update a constant cRelease and assign it manually every time i make changes… just change the code to use app.BuildDate. Wonderful