Show me your code style

I published my code style for Xojo some months ago. But I am courious how your code look like.

This is mine:

so, guys, show me your code style.

I even more like my VSCode Styles with the italic key words and so:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-03 um 16.06.41

can you copy this source code here so i can took a screenshot that looks similar.
btw it looks like c#

the lower code is JavaScript. Was just to tell you, that the italic code looks even more beautiful that the code which the Xojo IDE can produce.

Hurts my eyes and brain. And it is cursive, not italic.


Theme file:’s%20Dark%20Theme.xojo_theme


my ide in Xojo.
font is source code pro semibold.

unfortunately i can not give (),= a color. (would be orange)
and usually i have remarks with black background.
error rows i had in white/red elsewhere.
my blue background could be more darker.

A part of an upcoming #targets:ios iosCharts control with my current code style:

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I love it. It’s so efficient if you got used to it.

I would tweak the font a bit more, and not use cursive, cursive is so unnatural for programming that I think your preference is shared by 1 in each 23,412,535 devs.

I just LOVE that cursive style! :heart::heart::heart:

That means there are at least 46,825,070 Xojo developers out there! WOW!


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from my 6502 emulator project

It means that we found another point out of the curve. Now we have 1.003 devs (any devs) per each 23,412,535 that likes to use a cursive font to write code.

Spoilsport :stuck_out_tongue:

But in my defense I’d like to use cursive for comments - really brings home the annotation style …

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Try setting up Xcodes styles and then tell me you like the idea :stuck_out_tongue:
You can pick font, size and just about every other characteristic per item that the highlighter will highlight
Its such a chore to set up

Well… For comments it is acceptable, I don´t like it, but I don’t process comments as I process code in my internal brain software. I can ignore it until necessary, and I could choose a less intense color to help me in my preferred behavior.

For me, it has to be a serif font for readability, and monspaced for alignment reasons. That pretty much limits it to Courier. Maybe not the prettiest font, but it’s functional, and the end user isn’t going to be looking at my code.

It continues to surprise me (maybe it shouldn’t) how many people have no idea that san serif fonts were never intended for body text.

White background, font Menlo, and - for Gods sake - no alignments of dim/var:

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I know at least ten other developers using a code style like this. It very common in the javascript world I think, because you have so much keywords and since ES6 you can FU your code with shortings. To still be able to read that, you simply need to separate your code visually also.
Also because in JS nothing is a class, but everything is an object. It just helps you in complex structures, which you simply cannot come to in Xojo (fortunately).

Apart from this: simply visually separated comments would be beautiful also in Xojo.