Show image stored (Retrieving ) in MSSQL

Mate thank you very much for several answers found here in the forum, and this is the part where I would like to support me on a problem I have, is that I need a picture of a MSSQL DB but the problem is not as projecting Imageview in WEB, I commented that the field where these images are stored is a field “image” and the truth is not that process has to be done to take it and show it, chances that occurred to me was to make a:

Dim RS as RecordSet = db.SQLSelect(SQL)



but without any satisfactory result, I mark that is a corrupt image.

Any idea what you are doing wrong, or is that it has to process this data, in advance poderme appreciate your help and give advice that is what I have to investigate, very many thanks.

There is a bug where datatypes Text, varchar(max) and varbinary(max) are returning invalid data. This may be affecting image as well. Can you compare the hex of the data returned with the hex of the data shown in SQL management tool?