Show a floating window from inside a Container Control

that’s all. i want to show a floating window from inside a container control.

as an aditional information, inside the floating window i want to show a listbox to select a value
–> listbox1.cell(x,y) <–
and put that value in a label inside the container control
–> label1.text = "value from listbox" <–

as always, I am grateful for the help I receive from this forum :wink:

thanks markus
popover is the only way?

I want to show a floating window (or normal window) but outside the container control, center on the screen, with a listbox

Build your floating Window in the IDE and set “Implicit instance” to False
Create a shared property in your Container for the selected item
In your App, simply call:


Or, if you want it to block the app’s other windows:


In the click event for the ListBox on the floating window, set the Container’s property to the value required:

theContainer.PropertyName = “value from listbox”

Then close the floating window.