Should we be able to load an ipa built by Xojo onto our devices

Just built a test app “For App Store” and tried adding the .ipa generated to my Device in Xcode. Xcode reports no provisioning profile. Is that normal, or have I missed a step (again)?

best answer i can give you because of my first post and first time on this forum
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I’d suggest going to Xcode and synchronizing your profiles. It could be that something is out of whack.

Thanks guys, but I believe that you misunderstood my question - My profiles are correct and I can copy the non-App Store built app and it runs just fine. My question concerns the app as built for the App Store (the MyTestApp.ipa package). If I drag and drop the app (not built for the App Store), it loads and runs fine. It’s if I try to drag the .ipa package that I get the error from Xcode. Should dragging the .ipa package work?

After reviewing Paul’s presentation, and no mention of putting the IPA onto your device, I will accept that the IPA shouldn’t be copied to your device.

I was wondering the same thing a few weeks ago and encountered the same problem. I decided to drop it since it was mostly out of curiosity anyway and not important to the app.

This is normal. App store builds get signed with a different certificate and have different entitlements than ‘debug’ builds.