Should I get into coding?

Should I get into coding if it’s boring to me? Would it be worth it? I’m looking to do something that can get me a good paying job quickly, and I heard that web development is the best way to go for that. Some people are saying that you can get it done as soon as 6 months. But I heard that there are many coders out there that are unemployed, and it won’t necessarily give you a job right away.

What do you guys think?

If you’re not finding it interesting, it’s not for you.

My Sister-in-Law heard the same thing, that learning HTML5 + JS = making a lot of money.

Well she tried learning and found it to be something she could not focus on learning because she got bored.

I agree with Thom and if you do not find something interesting then it’s not for you.

Watch the first two lectures of this free HarvardX course and then you should have a reasonable idea if it’s for you.

My opinon (like that of Thom and Brian)
if you find it boring or not interesting, then find something that is interesting and not boring. Programming is not for everyone, its part art and part science, and a ton of imagination.

As to a “good paying job”… those are usually reserved for those with years of experience and a proven track record. Not to say you couldn’t get an “entry level”… but the competition is fierce, and the more you can prove yourself the better…

But if you haven’t even gotten started yet, you might have a few years before anything would possibly happen.

[Note : I have been in this business for well over 40 years, and to be honest back then it was a LOT easier, since this field was still an infant]

You can make „easy money“ if you are REALLY good at it. Becoming really good at it requires that you enjoy dedicating time and hard work to it. If you don‘t enjoy it it is a hard slog, you‘ll never be good at it, and you‘d be lucky to get any jobs.

That’s true for all „get rich quick“ schemes.

Without meaning to sound patronising, are you sure it’s boring to you? How about trying to make a simple app for a family member? For example, I made a little app to help my daughter with her times tables. Or make something for you? Sometimes, when you see the end product, the coding part becomes a lot more interesting.

But ultimately, if it really is boring for you, I can’t recommend it at all. Find something you’re interested in.

Here’s Steve Jobs on passion in your work:

It may be boring because you have troubles to do anything with coding.

Did you follow development courses ?

It tooks me 10 years to discovers that I really love this work.

This is not my point of view, but people always told me this job have few women (each time I am at a meeting, I ask why so few women… I found that suspect. My niece is in this business).

Bank robery ? :wink:

Seriously: what you need is a CSI, ideas and luck, tons of luck. Whatever can be the domain (csi or other). And money to live until you can sold your software application(s).

There is an old adage: “Do something you like, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

The corollary is if you don’t like what you do, you’ll disdain work every day of your life.

That said, if you are just starting and finding it boring, it could be because you have an inherent talent for it and are bored because you are seeing “Hello world” type tutorials. Like Dave S, I’ve been doing this over 40 years (not all in Xojo ) and I still love it when I get new challenges which push me to learn new things.

For example, this week was my first using real time speech recognition to enhance an app where the user has to follow sports events to collect stats, and there is not time to both watch the game and type everything, even when you touch type. Then today was asked about a potential project using gyroscope and accelerometer data, combined with graphing overlays to images based on GPS location, etc. That is a lot more fun than maintaining accounting code I wrote decades ago – though I still do that too because I have clients still running code I wrote literally decades ago.

I admin a couple Facebook groups for Amazon third party sellers.

Regularly, I see new members posting questions like “How long before I make $10,000 profit per week” or something close.

Neither selling on Amazon, nor coding, are get rich quick schemes. Both require hard work and endless efforts. Don’t believe that you can pose as a coder, and as you put it, “get me a good paying job quickly”.

Move on, girl… In this place, money does not grow on trees :smiley:

But Michel?! What about the “Take this $29 programming course and instantly become a successful Software Developer

Its on the Internet so it MUST be true! (right?)

(sarcasm mode deactivated)

As Abraham Lincoln famously said: “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

Four Score and 7 years ago, Dan Quayle invented the Internet

You sure it wasn’t Al Gore who invented the “internets” ? Or did he just do the AlGoreithms is uses?

And while he may not have given us a chicken in every pot, he did give us a Quayle behind every Bush. :slight_smile:

I started coding as a hobby a few years ago and love it to this day. I dedicated a lot of time and effort to enhance my skills, and by now I wrote myself several applications that are very useful for my everyday work. I even got an additional qualification to teach programming at school – still, I don’t consider myself to be even close to good enough to earn a living with coding (and I’m very glad I don’t have to, because I’m shure that it would take the fun out of it for me).
So from my personal point of view I would advise strongly against doing something as complex as coding without liking it just for a little chance that it pays off in the end.

I found better: “simply cut and paste, and earn a living at home”, says a recent spam :smiley:

[quote=451701:@Dave S]But Michel?! What about the “Take this $29 programming course and instantly become a successful Software Developer

Its on the Internet so it MUST be true! (right?)

(sarcasm mode deactivated)[/quote]

the only person making money is the seller of the programming course

cut and paste and know how to modify the code to your own purpose

There certainly are some pearls of wisdom in this thread.

But…, these comments about “get rick quick” schemes. Although they may appear humorous on the surface, I wonder if the original poster is laughing as well?

We don’t know the reasons behind the OP’s interest in earning “a good paying job quickly”. Those reasons could range from naive to dire (like the unexpected need to support a family member’s ongoing medical bills). We simply don’t know.

I recommend that this thread be closed on the grounds it’s gotten off topic and may actually be perceived as hurtful towards a forum member.