Shorter Modal Dialog

In some apps like Instagram, for example, the hamburger menu brings up a shorter modal window. Looks like a pop-over at maybe 60% of the screen height.
Is there a way to do this in Xojo with or without declares?

FormSheet i think.

MobileScreen.ShowModal is used for this:

I’ll try. Thanks.

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Chris I thought that @Jeremie_L was doing some work on this and I can see that he’s added a UISheetPresentationController (for iOS 15 and above) to iOSDesignExtensions which might work for your case, though it does slide up as sheet rather than float like a popover. However I think I remember some talk about a popup menu being linked to a button but can’t see the example…?

You had a similar thread on this. Is this the same issue? This was @Jeremie_L 's reply: Popover height - #11 by Jeremie_L

Yes iOSDesignExtensions can now display sheet modal views. But it is limited to iOS15.

Feb-15-2022 10-50-34

There are two possible sizes: Medium and Large (this is limited by iOS)