Shortcuts are overwritten with every new Xojo version

As the title says, it is suuuuuuuuper annoying, that ever new Xojo Version overwrites the custom set Keyboard Shortcuts. Also in older IDE versions!

I highly customize the shortcuts to stay productive over all IDE I use over the day (VS Code, Webstorm, Visual Studio, Xcode, Xojo). And whenever a new release is out, I have to reconfigure it over ALL IDE Version on my Mac.

What a crap.

Sorry for the rant, but I recently opened 2020R2 for the first time and this is driving me nuts right now.

I agree with you, annoying fact.
On Mac, you can also customise the shortcuts in System Preferences☞Keyboard☞Shorcuts☞Application shortcuts. Those would be “permanent”, but, as I haven’t tried yet, I hope Xojo doesn’t break this ability with the built-in editor… :thinking:

I can’t find the documentation on Xojo’s site(s)…

But I think to remember that it should be possible since about 2018r1:
Resources:2018r1 Release Notes - Xojo Documentation

For sure, it depends on the Location where you are saving these “manually changed Keyboard Shortcuts”:

User set menu shortcuts can be in these locations:

  • Application Data > Xojo > Xojo > Overrides > Keyboard shortcuts (for ONE user for ONE specific version)
  • Documents > Xojo > Overrides > Keyboard shortcuts (for ONE user for all versions that support this functionality)
  • SharedDocuments > Xojo > Overrides > Keyboard shortcuts (for all users for all versions that support this functionality)

This override of shortcuts will be located and used in the order listed above.

Happened to me as well…

Since Xojo 2018rX I have saved my customized Keyboard Shortcuts in “Documents → Xojo → Overrides”, according to <>.

But I think you’re right… they don’t get picked up again in current Xojo Versions, which is annoying :frowning:
And somehow I’ve run into the same situation that opening a 2018-er Version later, my customized Shortcuts were gone.

This seems to have been reported here: <>
Let’s hope the next XojoVersion will fix that for good…!

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