Shift key produces NilObjectException

On a Window I have a Tabpanel with 3 tabs. The 3rd tab has an HTMLviewer which displays a URL. The URL is a fillable form. I can fill out the form no problem as long as I type in lower case. The minute I hold Shift key to type a capital letter, the app crashes with a NilObjectException error.

What’s causing this and how do I deal with it?


Do you have Break On Exceptions turned on in the IDE? Does it drop into the debugger when this happens?

Yup and when I turned it off, things worked fine.

I also loaded up the ‘SimpleBrowser’ example and ran it. I tried it with Break On Exceptions turned on and it works fine.

So, while this cures my issue, it really doesn’t answer what’s causing it.

Do you have any code that would react to shift, like Keyboard.AsyncShiftKey ? Or any Keyboard something in your code ?

I can’t reproduce, can you post the project? And what OS?

I think Kem’s point was: if it drops into the debugger when the exception occurs, what line is highlighted? Does that give you any information as to where the NilObject might be?

Doesn’t show anything … just a blank debugger screen. I can click Resume and the app continues.

The project is tied to a MySQL database on a server. Would be difficult to post it.

Desktop OS is Windows 7

Server is Windows 2012R2

Nothing like that in this app.