Good afternoon.

When Xojo was known as RealBasic it was possible to type Cmd-Shift-K and compile or analyze the class you were currently working on.
In Xojo, one can still do this via a menu item or a button, but I (having learned the short cut) missed Cmd-Shift-K.

One of the tools I use is Keyboard Maestro, which lets one write macros that can be fired off in response to various triggers including keystrokes. So, I thought I’d make my own Cmd-Shift-K.

It is possible, but if you try there are some things to watch out for:

If, like most people seem to have, you have multiple versions of Xojo on your computer, Keyboard Maestro won’t know what you’re talking about if you try to restrict it to Xojo. What you have to do is name each uniquely (as in Then you can identify each version to Keyboard Maestro.

You can’t push the button directly. Keyboard Maestro allows one to push a button, but it does so by the button name. The Xojo button has an icon but no name.

You can’t select the menu item. Keyboard Maestro selects the menu item by name, but Xojo changes the menu item’s name for each class.

You can, however, click the mouse at a position of your choosing, so one needs to simply figure out where the button is. I used DigitalColor meter to do this. I had to adjust the position a bit, but at least I was close. The position that works for me is (530,125) from the Front Window. Your mileage may vary.

I’ve exported the macro, it’s a bunch of XML. If you have Keyboard Maestro, it’s probably easy enough for you to do this yourself.

Hope this helps someone.

-Bob Gordon (in Minneapolis where Spring has been very nice and the Twins have actually one a few games)

Real: cmd-shift-K
Xojo: cmd-R

Keyboard Maestro: It is the first time I hear about this.

In OSX, I was thinking of using the keyboard settings in System Preferences that allows you to set a keyboard shortcut for any menu in any app (Xojo). This setting requires the full menu item name, which changes in Xojo based on which item is selected. Since the menu name is dynamic, Analyze “Window1”, etc., this idea does not work.

Hm, I use Keyboard Maestro with multiple copies of Xojo and this does not seem to be a problem. I just choose Xojo from the list, and Keyboard Maestro works on all my various Xojo instances.

Feedback ticket for Cmd-Shift-K?

Already implemented for a future release