Shell with OS X error 127 or file not found


I need to be able to call SVN from a shell and parse the results. Using a type 0 shell I can get results for basic things like “/usr/bin/svn --help” but if I try to use any svn command that addresses the repository I get an Error 127, which is file or directory not found.

I switched to shell type 2, then did a shell.execute(“bash”) followed by a series of shell.writeline to execute each step “cd /usr/bin” and then “svn info” etc… again, all works fine with the “svn --help” and fails with any command that addresses the repository.

cd /usr/bin/
svn info ‘’ --xml
bash-3.2$ bash-3.2$ bash: .–xmlsvninfosvn: No such file or directory

I am kind of puzzled by the format of the output, but basically the same error.

If I do a ‘which’ or ‘path’ on SVN they both point to /usr/bin/svn

I know it is not very relevant to XOJO shells, but it all runs fine from the terminal either way.

XOJO 2015r3 OSX 10.10

Any advice appreciated.


If your running firewall or antivirus on the computer in question, it may be blocking unauthorized network access by your app. Turn it off and see if it works or add an exception for your app.

Consider this closed. On a side note… don’t use Evernote as a clipboard, it changes things.