Shell to nbtstat.exe fails

Hi all,
I’m running against a wall I couldn’t get thru:

I want to resolve the hostnames of all computers within my local network (not via dns).
So I start a shell with “arp -a”, and try to resolve the hostnames via netbios (nbtstat ) with another shell.
arp results are ok, but I always get a file not found (nbtstat.exe). I cannot figure this one out.
Does someone can give me a hint?

Windows7 ?
Here is the answer: nbstat.exe

For 64bit system this is the right solution: Link

Thank you Horst,

that was the right direction. Found a solution:

run it with c:\windos\sysnative

and all is fine.

lol, just got the same website :slight_smile:

Or just use this in a my_nbstat.bat file:
%comspec% /c nbtstat.exe %1 %2

my_nbstat.bat -A