Shell & Not ASCII Char

Dear all,
I have the following code:

dim source as new FolderItem(“C:\Users\Fiera\Desktop\Esportazione\Sheet 001.jpeg”, FolderItem.PathTypeNative)
dim dest as new FolderItem(“C:\Users\Fiera\Desktop\Esportazione\??? ???.jpeg”, FolderItem.PathTypeNative)
dim imageMagick as new FolderItem(“C:\Users\Fiera\Desktop\ImageMagick\convert64.exe”, FolderItem.PathTypeNative)

Dim s As Shell
s = New Shell
s.Mode = 0
s.Canonical = true
s.TimeOut = 6000

dim comand as string = “”"" + imageMagick.NativePath + “”"" + " " + “”"" + source.NativePath + “”"" + " " + “”"" + dest.NativePath + “”""


I use Windows and I want use ImageMagick to convert the image file “Sheet 001.jpeg” in the image file “??? ???.jpeg” and viceversa, the command line for ImageMagick is:

convert64.exe path_input_image path_output_image

My problem is that:
The output file is created correctly but since the name of output file is not ascii the output name is wrong (“יפה יפה.jpeg”), I used the function “Launch” and the class “WindowsShellExecuteMBS”, they work but they are not synchronous and I need to proceed to the next step that the ImageMagick have completed its work.

Please, Have You any suggestion?

Thank You so much and sorry for my english.

Best regards,

Did you try folderitem.ShortPathMBS on the files to get an short old style path?

Yes, it’s the same… :frowning:

You may set the channel to Windows and you may get more answers.

Thanks a lot Emile!

Unfortunately, I do not have an answer to your question (I do not use ImageMagik nor MBS).

Maybe you must use ConvertEncoding to change the encoding of the string used a command to match the encoding of the windows shell.

Thanks a lot to all!! :slight_smile:
I have resolved the problem with a following batch file:

CHCP 65001 "C:\\Users\\Fiera\\Desktop\\ImageMagick\\convert64.exe" "C:\\Users\\Fiera\\Desktop\\Esportazione\\Foglio 001.jpeg" "C:\\Users\\Fiera\\Desktop\\Esportazione\\??? ???.jpeg"

Thank You very much!