Shell Interactive Mode on Windows OS

I’m working on a GUI for Fossil SCM.

From my app, when cloning a repository without the user’s password I never receive a prompt to input the user’s password in the DataAvailable event.
The contents of ShellResult after executing a clone command is "missing or incorrect password for user ".

Cloning works fine on Mac using my Xojo app or when cloning from Windows command line.

I have the shell mode set to 2 and the timeout to 10000.

I also have at the beginning of the DataAvailable event “System.DebugLog Sender.ShellResult” and I never see the password prompt.

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to get the password prompt on Windows?

What does it look like when you start the fossil command line tool on Windows? Also, it may be that the fossil tool recognizes that it’s running in a process without a controlling TTY and is not prompting since it thinks there’s no one to prompt.?.?.?

Fossil is in my user path so, from the command line:

“fossil clone http://username@fossilserver/repos/path myrepo.fossil”

From my Xojo app the command I execute is:
“C:\fossil\fossil.exe clone http://username@fossilserver/repos/path myrepo.fossil”

My question was - after you type that, what does the fossil app prompt with n the terminal?

From my app:
"missing or incorrect password for "

From the command line:

“password for :”

followed by:

“remember password (Y/n)?”

Why not just embed the password in the command:

"C:\\fossil\\fossil.exe clone http://username:password@fossilserver/repos/path myrepo.fossil"

That’s what I’ve been doing Tim. I wanted to give the end user the option to enter the password if it was not provided.

I can always parse the repo URL and if the password isn’t present prompt the end user then.

That’s what I would do.

It works so I’ll keep doing it that way for now, until I can figure out what’s going on.

It seems like doing it with the username:password combination in the URL, fossil doesn’t store the password. Which causes issues with fossil commits when autosync is on.

Thanks for the help Tim.

I use Fossil SCM for my projects, as do a few other users in the forums. I’d be interested in keeping up on the progress of your project.

So I’m not the only one… awesome!

I’ll keep you informed Tanner. I’m planning on releasing it as freeware, but accepting donations.

Here’s a screenshot of the UI right now. A very basic UI… nothing fancy, but it saves me all the typing in the terminal.

That looks excellent. Can’t wait to give it a try. Currently using Fuel 2.0b, the UI, and CLI. Fuel works, but you can tell it’s a QT app, and doesn’t just feel native on a Mac.

Glad to hear you’re planning to release it. I’ll be sure to chip in a few pints worth at least.

For being not fancy, it looks very nice and balanced!

I’ve been using the same to manage my repositories. I’ve had a few issues with Fuel on Windows OS. ( Likely caused by the same issues I’ve ran into with the Windows shell. ) Not knowing how long it would take the author to update Fuel, I decided to try my hand at making a GUI with Xojo. I’ll post a new thread once I’m ready for others to test it.