Shell.Execute Input Line is too long

Hi, I am trying to execute a fairly long shell command to call a PHP script in Windows and am having some trouble. I was initially having a problem with the encoding where parts of the command were being passed in with nil encoding which was causing the shell to fail due to it not being able to understand the path passed to it. Now that I am explicitly setting it to UTF8 I am now having the issue where it is telling me that the command is too long despite other versions of this software written in other languages (e.g. perl) managing to run the command and the command running fine if copied into CMD itself (although I am aware that Xojo uses a different shell to the CMD).

Is there some way I can get around this “The input line is too long” error, I have already split it into two and am passing it in using the “command” and “parameters” params of shell execute. The command is ~656 characters long and has been converted to UTF8.

No idea what caused it but I figured out how to fix it, changing it so I no longer used the optional “parameters” parameter fixed it.