Shell command in Adminstrator mode

I have a program that I need to have execute a shell command in administrator mode. Is this possible from a Xojo app? If so, how do I structure the shell.execute command?

  • Dale

If you’re using the Shell class, you could probably use the runas command which comes with Windows.

You could also use a declare to invoke the runas verb directly:

Sub LaunchAsAdministrator(ProgramEXE as FolderItem, ParamArray Arguments as String) #If TargetWin32 Declare Function ShellExecuteW Lib "Shell32" (HWND As Integer, verb As WString, file As WString, params As WString, directory As WString, cmd As Integer) As Integer Dim params as String params = Join(Arguments, " ") Call ShellExecuteW(0, "runas", ProgramEXE.AbsolutePath, params, App.ExecutableFile.Parent.AbsolutePath, 1) #Endif End Sub

Thanks, Andrew. I’ll look into that as a solution.