I’d like to use a sheet window, as described in the documentation for Window. But the example:

Var sw As New SheetWindow
sw.ShowModalWithin (Self)

doesn’t work; the compiler knows nothing of any SheetWindow class.

I have a button which, when clicked, I want to have create a sheetwindow just as happens in the IDE when, in the Inspector, one clicks one of those little buttons with a pen image in it. The sheetwindow will have a textfield on it and a couple of OK/Cancel buttons.

My button sits in a CC which is on a page of a PagePanel. This PP is what sits on my window MainWindow. What is the right syntax to achieve this?

I think you need to add a Window to your project, change the Type to Sheet Window and the name to SheetWindow for the code to work.

Just create a Window and set its frame to Sheet.

Note that sheet windows have the wrong border color in dark mode.

Thanks, that helped.

Yeah, got there now. That’s something I’ve not used before.

This will be gone in big sur, and won’t work on any other platform. Just so you all know what to expect

What will… sheets? Not gone in Big Sur, and it gives a modal dialog on other platforms.

Ok redesigned in big sur…

I hate this dimming the background nonsense. It looks awful in Safari and may well hide useful information.

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Yeah, I’m not sure why anyone at Apple is proud of Big Sur.


Change for the sake of change.
It’s infectious and debilitating.

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That’s my #1 reason for complaining… change for the sake of change. There are SO MANY things that have changed, since even Snow Leopard, that worked perfectly fine that were changed just for the sake of change, no other reason. Well… there’s always some rationale, but it’s far from good enough. Corporations that make big money from software have a big problem in the business model. One day you’ve made things GOOD ENOUGH - then where do you go? Your new functions/interface/workflow have to simply be like fashion - what is the new look for this year.


Switch to Windows you’ll be happier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m leaving this thread now… :zipper_mouth_face:

No, I’ll just be unhappy all the time, instead of some of it.