Sheets appearing outside of window

Does anyone else have the effect that sheet windows do not appear inside the parent window in Big Sur beta 1?

If so, has it been reported to Xojo yet?

Did you use window.ShowModalWithin ?

Yes, what else is there? Are you suggesting this is wrong?

No, not suggesting you doing anything wrong. Just making sure :wink:

Yes, but I think it’s a design change in Big Sur, a “feature” not a “bug” according to Apple:

[quote]Redesigned sheets
Sheets in apps have been completely redesigned, removing borders and bezels to put the focus on your content. They automatically dim the background and scale into the center of the app.[/quote]

Thanks, Micheal, for pointing that out. Yeah, that’s clearly the reason - only that they do not get centered when made with Xojo.

And now I also understand why. It’s because of a very long-standing bug in Xojo’s window framework:

Xojo windows do not properly listen to moved and resized events!

That’s also the reason why window managers that can resize or move windows with keyboard commands do not work with Xojo apps.

I am quite sure I’ve reported this issue before.


Huh, actually, it appears that recent Xojo windows do indeed react to external window resizes and moves. So, it seems to have been fixed a while ago.

But then, why doesn’t this work for the sheet windows??

Anyway. I’ve reported the issue. #60803