Sharing code. Paid access to the owner to read/write sources

I see developers making great and interest work alone and facing a dilemma. They wish to share the code, they wish people could improve the code (github solves this part), but at the same time, sometimes for some works, they feel that should be fair to be rewarded by the effort of creating the work.

Then I thought, there should be a place where people could publish their works, with no access to the sources, just the parts the owner wants, and he can sell paid access to his “subscribers”, to copy and use the work, and even modify and submit the enhancements to the admins incorporate (or not, branching the code) to the master work.

Someone knows some service like this?

The RBGarage/RBLibrary combo and/or ARBP could have filled these, but I’m not sure where they stand nowadays. XojoDevSpot tries and is well-meaning, but to me it’s always been too chaotic to truly get the hang of.

Do you have a “best practice” site used for other languages or mediums that could be used as an idea of what you’d propose?

Hi Rick,

You brought up a great point. As an example, I have a free publication on programming OpenGL with Xojo (it is getting outdated) at Book Publish Pages . There are both free and paid versions available. I would like to enlist the Xojo community to help improve the book and provide resources for other OpenGL programmers. Yes, this can be performed with other services, however the Xojo site is where most users tend to be, and rightfully so.

Many of the ideas to keep the books updated are from Xojo users who send me personal emails. Sooner or later, much of the content ends up in the forum which helps other coders - am I am flattered that others suggest code :slight_smile:

There are other good resources such as Xojo 3D that have good resources and contributions. Chuckle, my website is getting outdated and would like to see something that helps fellow users. This would mean a major update for my website - along with the many other websites that help support Xojo.

Back in the days (geez, I am sounding like my Dad) there was very little documentation on Word, Access, and Excel. This provided a great reason to write the books that contains code used by many Xojo programmers - which is the intent.

Just a suggestion (and feel free to correct, add, edit my comments) is that a place to have this information within Xojo’s forum, website, or some arrangement would be great. The Xojo users would only have to look in one area (Xojo website) to gain access to this information, and it would allow Xojo Inc to have some control with the data to support its programming language.

Pricing is a good idea, and it would be suggested that the purchasing cost be reasonable. Reasonable is subject to interpretation. If the product or book is too expensive, then nobody will want to pay for Xojo and the 3rd party items. Part of the reason for the success of Windows was the great programming group and low cost to learn and create programs. This was similar to the fantastic increase in the iPhone technology, as many users were looking for programs, and inexpensive programs could be purchased (usually $3.00-$10.00 and not the $80.00 for some games). The lower costs increased demand, and the low entry fee to program on iOS caused programmers to swarm to the operating system. Again, if the price is reasonable then programmers will join.

I honestly don’t know what the final answer is, or should be. This is just a few brainstorming ideas to add to Rick and Eduardo’s possible thoughts.



Under the format I am thinking right now, no. I am starting to think in evaluate with more details this market and see if I don’t start one. First I need to convince myself of the profitability. :slight_smile:

In my idea, the control of the prices is on the author’s hand. Access to his sources can be $5 or $5000. The authors/project owners, set their prices. But even this needs some study.