Share Panel - Exclude

is there any way to EXCLUDE

  • Add to Health
  • Save to Files

from the Share Panel. These make no sense in the context of the app … The file is a proprietary format, and is gibberish to anything other than another copy/instance of this same app. Basically I want ONLY “AirDrop” to be displayed…

One thing I just noticed… the extension on my file was “.XML”… if I change it to something “not standard”, then “Add to Health” vanishes… guess it things any “XML” file might want to go there… Now to get rid of “Save to Files”

Also, if the extension is WAY OFF THE WALL… the share panel will only display the part to the left of the dot.

There is an excludedActivityTypes property:
However looking through the different Keys I don’t see one for Health and Files. It’s possible they just aren’t on the related pages, or it has to be done in another way. I’m not sure anyone on this forum will have used that, so you might find your answer easier through the Apple dev forums or Stackoverflow

Thanks… I have read numerous articles about this over the past few days, and it seems there is “no way” to officially remove either of these. But I did find the “Health” goes away if the extension is NOT “XML”