Severe Hypodontia

My 12 year old son has just been told by an orthodontist that he has 12 of his adult teeth missing. They are simply not growing and probably never will.

This probably means an awful lot of dental work over the coming years.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you deal with it?

He’s obviously devastated and we’ve no idea if the work needed is on the NHS or not - very much doubt we can afford it privately. We’ve a lot of research to do, obviously.

The NHS covers dentistry and this is more medical than cosmetic, so surely it’s covered.

Hi David.

I was around 12/13 years old when I was told I had 12 adult teeth missing. The dentist told me I would need six teeth removed and implants fitted.

I started treatment, had the teeth removed and braces fitted to close the gaps as much as possible. When I was 15, they fitted three temporary dentures which they said would last five to six years. After this, they said I would have permanent implants fitted, but was unable to have this done while I was under 16 as my mouth had not finished developing.

I’m 24 now and two of the temporary dentures have fallen out, one remains in place. I am currently in discussion with the NHS as it says they cannot provide me with the implants previously promised. I have been quoted a bill of £13,000 just to have three permanent implants.

The one thing I would advise to you is get all the information from the NHS before you agree to any treatment. Make sure you know how the process is going to go from beginning to end and get this in writing. I felt sure the NHS would see my treatment through as this is a rare medical condition and not purely cosmetic. This has not been the case and I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through the continued distress I have because of it.

Good luck.

My son (15) has 9 teeth missing - I am just relieved to see that we are not some sort of world record holders (as our dentist suggested).