Several Container Controls

XOJO 2019r3.2 / Windows Desktop

In my app I would like to use different Container Controls (ccViewMode, ccInsertMode, ccEditMode).
They include each several controls for different needs.
They are opened by code (embedwithin)
The ccViewMode should always be opened (not always visible).
The other cc’s will only be opened when needed.
Is it a good idea to make the ccViewMode unvisible while another cc is opened ?
In other words the ccViewMode will be behind one of the other cc’s.


Have you tried using a PagePanel?


Oh. Ok I will give that a try.

If you have the MBS plugins, you can do really nice animated slidings/fades between containers using the animation APIs. Especially for macOS it will put you app into the top league regarding UI. Which is many macOS users like. :slight_smile: