Setting the Windows File Description in an IDE Script

These work:

PropertyValue(“App.CompanyName”) = “Bodoni Systems”
PropertyValue(“App.InternalName”) = “Bodoni Systems”
PropertyValue(“App.ProductName”) = “Bodoni Systems”

This doesn’t
PropertyValue(“App.FileDescription”) = “Bodoni Systems”

Anyone know the correct property to change?


Discussion here:

I think its a new game, you have to guess :wink: The docs seem a little patchy on this, e.g. WindowsAppName isn’t listed on the site apart from in an old edit from 2011 that isn’t shown any more. It could also be missing or spelt wrong internally so you have a hard time finding it.

Feature Request from 2012 <> also says:

Have you tried clicking the record button, changing the value and then pressing Stop?

You got me there Greg, I’m not sure if you think that’s meant to do something or that it should be doing something. It was the first thing I tried, but it doesn’t come back with anything, in fact, altering almost anything in those settings while recording doesn’t do much. All I could get it do to was display

DoCommand “RebuildPropertyInspector”

when I change architecture.

Is clicking record and changing those settings meant to do something?

Depending on what you are doing, it should be inserting commands in the script.

I’m just clicking and typing:

Video (no audio)

Good news Lee, it looks like Norman has fixed the issue, I don’t know if it’ll make it into 2018r3 though.