Setting The Version Number

The version properties Xojo has do not map nicely to the version properties Apple wants. Here are a couple of scripts that the values in the Info.plist file.
Thanks to some previous posts for ideas.


[code]Dim v() As String
Var v1 As String
Var v2 As String

v.append PropertyValue(“App.MajorVersion”)
v.append “.”
v.append PropertyValue(“App.MinorVersion”)
v.append “.”
v.append PropertyValue(“App.BugVersion”)
v1 = Join(v,"")

v.append " ("
v.append PropertyValue(“App.NonReleaseVersion”)
v.append “)”
v2 = Join(v,"")

PropertyValue(“App.Version”) = v1 // Version in plist
ConstantValue(“App.kVersion”) = v2 // Version to display to user (includes build)[/code]


[code]Var build As String = PropertyValue(“App.NonReleaseVersion”)
Var App As String = CurrentBuildLocation + “/” + CurrentBuildAppName
Var cmd As String = "/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c ""Set :CFBundleVersion “” " + App + “/Info.plist”

cmd = cmd.Replace("",build)

Call DoShellCommand(cmd)[/code]

How to Use:

You need to create the kVersion constant in the App class.

Under build settings->iOS
Place MakeVersion before the Build step
Place SetVersion after the Build step

It does appear to work. I’ve gotten one app through Beta review.

Hope this is of use.