Setting the Name of a Saved PDF

I have a Windows-based program (call it “My Program”) I wrote that has a printout as the deliverable. The customer has full Acrobat install on all of their systems and therefore choose “Adobe PDF” from the options presented in the open print dialog box to make a PDF of the printed output. After this printer selection (“Adobe PDF”) is made, they hit the print button which opens the “Save PDF As” dialog box. The default name for the PDF to be saved is always the name of the application, so in this case, it always shows up as “My Program.pdf”. How can I change that default name to something else of my choosing (e.g., Model123.pdf". I think I’ve exhausted my search of the documentation (e.g., Printer Setup string, OpenPrintDialog, etc. etc. etc.) and still don’t see where setting that name is an option. Is it?

Thanks in advance for any help on this!
… Don

There are almost certainly other ‘proper’ ways to do this, but I seem to recall having to change the title of the active window to whatever I wanted the filename.

Give that a try, and I’ll watch to see if anyone jumps in with ‘the right’ answer.

Thanks, Jeff … indeed that does work and will serve as a workaround for now. Like you, I’ll be interested to see if there is a “proper” way of doing it without changing the application title … I can explain that (the application name in the title bar changing before their very eyes) for now to my customer … but would hope there’s a more “transparent” way of accomplishing that in the future.

Thanks again, Jeff, for giving me something that keeps me moving forward with this.