Setting retina icons for menu items

Following the discussion in . How do I apply this to a menu item?

What tools do you have at your disposal?
RetinaKit? Version?

MBS, no RetinaKit.

As far as I understood, there will be Retina support at the end of 2015.

It looks like you can use NSImageMBS to get a NSImage (which is retina friendly) and use it with NSMenuItemMBS.
I don’t have MBS, but that’s what I gather from the posts there, and the docs:

Where are you stuck?

Some may not wait because they have to release…

Some may not wait since end of 2015 is… tomorrow. If I had a need of that, I would be thinking “Retina support at the start of 2016”…(anticipating a possible slip).

I understand. And some may just mention it in an attempt to be helpful.

@Marco: I’m waiting for Retina support. But until then I’ve try to handle this myself.

@Tim Parnell : how do I create a NSMenuItemMBS from a plain vanilla menu item?

I couldn’t wait either! After several attempts I finally looked at how it’s done in Apple’s own tools and then bought it across to Xojo, hence the Retina Kit.

@Christian Schmitz may be the man to answer this question.

It was announced Retina support is for 2016. Most certainly not in 2015r4

Hmm… I thought it was scheduled for 2015. And I assumed it was still going on from Joe’s message here: