Setting Frame Type via code

I have windows that are global floating but when in the ide XOJO itself is covered when an error occurs which is a real pain (fine when I have two screens at the office but a pain when using a single screen laptop). I thought I would add some code to change the frame type in debug mode so that it is not a global floating but cannot find a way to do this. Any suggestions? Also should this be considered a bug?

as far as I know you can’t set the frame type in code.

But you can put your stuff in a container and place it in a template window and switch that window.

Like you have a PaletteWindow, DialogWindow, DocWindow, make the instance of what you need and than embed you container there.

And to know what window type to use

#if DebugBuild

From the Window.Frame documentation:

So no, it’s not a bug. A report would probably end up getting “Closed (by design)”

Also, just a heads up (don’t know why but it drives me nuts)

The only way I know how to switch between frame styles, is to use identical windows with their frame set in the IDE, according to the need.

In your case, you could show a global floating window in release, and a document window in debug.

Christian’s idea is similar.