Setting filetypes in GetOpenFolderItem does not limit file types selectable?

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Thanks Michel.

Man, still doesn’t work. What the heck am I doing wrong!?

I happen to be trying to get OpenFolderItem to select only .ttf, .otf and .ttc fonts under 2015R4.1.

I first entered all the details for .otf from

then added all available details for .ttf and .ttc. The dialog showed only .otf.

Then I removed .otf, and when only .ttf and .ttc is there, no filtering takes place, everything is enabled : zip, txt, whatever.

GetOpenDialog is simply wonky.

I will now stop wasting time, set the file type special/any ???, and filter the result after selection.

Sounds like it’s broken on OS X. Maybe use an OpenDialog instead. GetOpenFolderItem is a shortcut that does have it’s own set of limitations.

I strongly suspect a Cocoa bug.

When I select “text/plain” the filtering works:

Name = “text/plain”, object name = “TextPlain”, Suffix = “.txt”, MAC-Type = “TEXT”, MAC-Creator = “???”

selecting it this way works:

File = GetOpenFolderItem("text/plain")

This way nothing is available:

File = GetOpenFolderItem("TextPlain")

applying it to my own style makes all files available:
Name = “database/rsd”, object name = “RealstudioDatabase”, Suffix = “.rsd”, MAC-Type = “???”, MAC-Creator = “???”

File = GetOpenFolderItem("database/rsd")

YESS!! With openDialog it works. Thanks Tim!

Did you tried .sqlite as file extension ?