Setting Default of a Color Property

I can see how to set the default settings of a colour property as this:


but is it possible to set it using an RGB Color?

I tried placing RGB(0,0,255) in the default but without success.

Also, is it possible to display the colour picker directly in the IDE?



RGB(r, g, b) is a function, so it can’t be used to assign a value to a constant, you will need to use a variable.

On OS X this works, don’t know about Linux and Windows. Type something like this to test it:

Dim c As Color = 

…then right click near the equal sign and the context menu will show “Insert Color …”.

Thanks for your reply.

I understand.

When using the IDE it would be useful having entered Color for the type of property, that when right clicking on the Default text box it would bring up “Insert Color…” in the contextual menu to allow you to select the Default you require.
Clearly a limitation of the IDE that could be addressed at some point.

Thanks again


There is a box on the right of the value entered showing the color, click on it and you’ll have the color chooser.

I am sorry, I have posted an image above, where is the box you are referring to?

I was asking if it was possible to select the colour when right clicking the Default text box (see image above)?