Setting Control visible needs Ajax-request?!?!?

I tested Webapps for the first time today. But for nox, I didn’t get further than the Loginpage.
When User clicks the Loginbutton I would like to set it enabled = false, but it seems that there is an Ajax-Request for disabling.
This needs as much time as the database query needs. So, deactivation cloud not be mentioned.
This behavior is not useable. Deactivation has to be done via JavaScript directly.
Also setting Progresswheel to visible needs as much time as the database query.
That is terrible… Or is there an error in my testcase?

i’ts just how it is. But i see your point, and i agree with you more that a server request. But anyway it’s as is.
Maybe a feature request can help.

“Terrible” is the wrong word/phrase for it. It’s just how Web Edition apps work. Events are sent back to the server. Your app’s code rests server side. So the ability of your app to dynamically show/enable controls in response to user input is going to depend on network latency and server app responsiveness. With an Internet / VPS deployment, you probably can’t make guarantees about these. With a LAN deployment and limited number of simultaneous users, you might be able to.

With that in mind, there are a few ways to deal with the general problem:

  1. Don’t worry about the latency. It might not look crisp, but it might also be pretty usable. Controls just take a little while to enable/show. If a user clicks something, check the conditions that would enable/show the control before doing its action.
  2. Start with controls hidden/disabled and upgrade them to visible/enabled once appropriate. Don’t downgrade to hidden/disabled. That approach will work for some forms, but not for others where a user can go back and edit.
  3. This is a bit of work, but if you really need real-time client-side enabling/disabling, you could implement a control group as a WebControlWrapper, i.e. a custom control. That’s going to be a lot of work.

In practice, what most of us settle on is taking immediate enable/show out of our design vocabulary for web apps. For a large-ish form, I’m fond of having a little text area at the bottom, near the OK button, that tells the user some step he needs to do before OK will work.