Setting a field's description with IDE Scripting

I’m working on a tool to better document my code and I am experimenting with IDE scripting.

Is there a way to set the value of a property or method’s description using IDE scripting?

For example, say I have a class called Class1 with a property MyProperty:

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 07.24.58

Can I set the description value of this property?

Does anyone who uses IDE scripting know the answer? Maybe @Greg_O_Lone or @William_Yu ?

Changing the Description is not currently supported with IDE scripting. I don’t know what limitations you’ve set for this project of yours, but if you study the text project format I’m sure you can figure out how to update/modify the Description just as easily.


Thanks @William_Yu. I’ll file a feature request for this but in the meantime I might look at modifying the text file directly.

Can I modify a class’s text file and have the IDE reflect the change without an IDE restart?

No, you will have to reload the project unfortunately.

Feedback request 64869.