Setting a custom file type in API (1)

I refactored a project because it weighted 22MB.

So, I deleted all images / icons and loaded them at need time (run time).

The project is now < 250KB.

So far, so good, I added two icon files (.icns) with a script and the one for the application appears once I build the application.

But… how do I set the Custom Icon to the Custom file ?

This is for old Xojo users because the project is running on 2015r1.

Nota: when the icon was set in the FileType entry, the document does not have that icon.

I searched in the local documentation, but failed to get info. I do not found that the application icon file must be named “App.icns”… but this I remember.

Conclusion: when you stop using a knowledge, it slowly disappear (faster when you’re an oldster).