Setting a Command Line in Xojo


I recently have been in the process of improving a software program that i did not write. upon the start of the program it tries to find a file called ‘cfd’ where it gets its command line info. however, when i run this software in the debugger in xojo’s IDE there is no existing cfd file so it is not obtaining the command line info from this file. however, somewhere it is setting the command line info because when i call the System.CommandLine piece it is set once the app is running. so is there a place in the Xojo IDE that the command line can be set for a default? because i cannot fine this command line being set anywhere in the actual code.

In the project browser on the left, scroll down to the Shared item.

Thanks that is exactly where it was!

Also check out the excellent OptionParser classes. Among other things, it offers a better alternative to System.CommandLine in desktop apps.