Set tabbar by code

Is there a way to set tabbar index by code and/or retrieve screen from tabbar index

I have a tabbar with two tabs mainScreen and otherScreen

In other screen I have two buttons to navigate from otherScreen to mainScreen (with different option defined in otherScreen)

How can I navigate from otherScreen to mainScreen by code ?

Yes with iosdesignextensions GitHub - jkleroy/iOSDesignExtensions: 100+ functions to extend iOSControls design

There are two methods

TabBarExtensionsXC.SetTabPageXC(0, true)

Works fine

But I can’t get a reference to the screen at index 0. I need this reference to call a method and pass parameters

For now I store my parameter in App and try to check it on Activated event handler on mainscreen

I personally don’t like keeping references to other MobileScreens.

You might find it useful to take a look at the Notification_Center module of iOSKit
It allows communication between classes.

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By the way, the Notification_Center module of iOSKit is one of the only modules that is independent.
You don’t need to copy the entire iOSKit to your project for it to work.