Set styles to RAW Text (in a TextArea)

This is a follow-up of the orphan RTF question.

In a project, I read (either a rtf file or) a text file with a list of properties that are related to a map in a Canvas. the Canvas part works fine and so is the text file excepted the text styled part.

I tried to use rtf text file(s), but I had troubles because of the rtf used subset (Rules [tab] are ignored).

Minutes ago I had another idea: since my text file have sub-titles and Properties (Name \tab Values), I can deal with styles by myself…

The idea was… delicious ! but I get similar result (same as rtf)… because I place the text in a TextArea: the Properties Values are not aligned horizontally… the displaying lokks like if the program was built by a 6.4 y/o child.

I am seeking an idea to how align vertically the Properties Values (“Simulate a real Tab ?”)

All good ideas are welcome ! *

Nota: I will test that on Windows later (and eventually on Linux too).

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