Set PDF name when selecting Print to PDF from Printer Dialog?

Hi Folks,

Guess we have good satellite coverage because I’m still connected to my office VPN :open_mouth:

Is there a way to set the filename and title that is selected when you open a print dialog and the user selects
“PDF” -> “Save as PDF …”? Currently both fields take what ever the title of the parent window is as the defaults. Is changing the window Title the only way to modify those values?

Mac OS X, of course

set your window title?

because often print job gets name of front window…

ah, or use MBS Plugin.


[quote=149372:@Christian Schmitz]ah, or use MBS Plugin.

That would be perfect, but I never know if the user will print to a printer or to aPDF file…

It looks like I need to open a new window with a proper title and then open the printer dialog in THAT window.