set path to a local js lib in html

set path to a local js lib

What’s your question?

how i set the path so when the html run now where the lib is

the lib is local on my App Folder but when Debugging no work

Alexis, study the websdk tutorials or wait two weeks because I will publish it as a Web plugin including more than 20 new webcontrols for Xojo Web programming. It will be a complete web framework for Web Xojo .

Paul have a video with HTMLViewer1 and it work and trying to do the same but with js lib and no works.

so I’m confused

Paul Video

Paul Video
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Are you trying to load a local html file ? If yes, put your js file, on the same folder that you have the html file.

but my html is in a constant on the sub class off WebHTMLViewer

i can send you me litter projects so you can see what i am trying to do

Load the Javascript file on webfile variable and get the webfile.URL. Replace the the path + filename with webfile.URL, on your constant . But again, I am not sure that the Javascript will run without to use WebSDK …

thanks for you help but this is beyond out of my litter web app knowledge

I never thought this would be so hard is a simple small html code is small lib
I can not believe