Set MenuItem.Key to delete key

I have a menu item that deletes items in a list. I also check for either Mac delete key being pressed with the following code:

  if Keyboard.asyncKeyDown(&h75) then  // Num Keypad 'delete' key
    Return True
  elseif Keyboard.asyncKeyDown(&h33) then  // Main keyboard 'delete' key
    Return True
  end if

However I’d like to display the delete key icon/graphic in the menu, like the Finder menuitem “File > Move to Trash” but without the command icon.


Is this possible?



I have this weird feeling that for some reason copying an pasting the actual unicode character will work.
Here it is for playing/testing.


Just type BACKSPACE in to the shortcut key field in the inspector (turn off the modifier keys if they do turn on)

Typing “Del” for the Shortcut Key also seems to display an icon.

From the LR:

The delete key is character &uE083. I have no idea if it will show in the menu. All depends if the system font contains it. Which is very possible, though.There are a lot of extra glyphs in system.

I am copying it here, it wil show as a square, but it may show as the proper glyph in the menu. Try to copy and paste : ?

Thanks everyone for the replies. I looked in the LR but only in MenuItem.Key not MenuItem.

I added additional info to the MenuItem.Key page to make this easier to find.