Set focus to a textfield where textfield name is a variable

I have a textfield name stored in a variable displayed in a container control and the container control name is also stored in a variable.
Is there a way to set the focus to that textfield ?

I’m running OS X

You can iterate the controls until finding the one whose name matches the one saved in the variable, I guess…

Please, provide the code you used to create the variable.

thanks Javier for your tip,

found a solution iterating controls

Public Function GetControlByName(extends aWindow as window, aName as String) as RectControl
  dim ctrl as RectControl
  if aWindow<>nil then
    For i as Integer=0 To aWindow.ControlCount-1
      if aWindow.control(i) isa rectcontrol then
        ctrl=RectControl( aWindow.control(i))
        if ctrl<>nil then
          If ctrl.Name=aName Then
            return ctrl
          End If
        end if
      end if
  end if
  return nil
End Function

This is a creative way to achieve the same goal:

First of all, a simple TextField and a PushButton will not work because I was not able to clear the Focus to that TextField (or forgot the how to).

a. Create a new Project,

b. Add a TextArea (to give it the focus),

If you place the TextArea order above the TextField, you do not have to set the code below.
(or simply place the TextArea in the window first, then place the TextField second.)
Add an Open Event to the window and put the code below in it to set the Focus to the TextArea:

Sub Open() Handles Open // Set the focus to the TextArea TextArea1.SetFocus End Sub

c. Add a TextField you will name TF_Info,
Add an Open Event to the TextField (called TF_Info,) and put this code:

Sub Open() Handles Open // Get a reference to this TextField Ctrl_Ref_TF = Me End Sub

d. Add a PushButton (for the visual feedback),
In the PushButton, add an Action Event and put the code below:

[code]Sub Action() Handles Action
// Control Names and References
// Get the Control Names and References of this PushButton
// and set the focus to it
Dim Ctrl_Name As String

// Get the TextField’s Name
Ctrl_Name = Ctrl_Ref_TF.Name

// Check the TextField’s Reference
If Ctrl_Ref_TF = Nil Then
MsgBox “An error occured” + EndOfLine + EndOfLine +_
“The TexTField Reference is Nil.”


End If

// Set the Focus
End Sub[/code]

Yes, this takes more code, but, as I wrote earlier, is a creative way to get what you really asked.

Now, you have two ways to code your project how you want to code (we do not know what you want to achieve, so I had to do all of the above to create a working example. You may not have to do all of that).