if i use Session.quit this shutdown the web app or no

No, just the one session.

i use and the app shotdown

Is the app CGI or Standalone. For CGI, if there are no active sessions the app will quit. But the web server will start it back up whenever someone tries to connect. For Standalone the app should keep running. How are you determining that the app has shutdown?


i go to windows service and the app stop

Hmm…I don’t have any experience running a Xojo app on Windows. Someone else will have to answer this.


Do you have AutoQuit set to true? That would cause it to quit when the last session ends.

nop do’t have that in the code but i going to add like AutoQuit=False to see if it works

thanks Tim

Is if possible that your app is crashing? Have you looked in the system logs or event logs?


the only i see is (but this was long time i go)

2014-02-07 14:40:14
JavaScript Error:
Error: Unhandled NilObjectException


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