Session vs Code: have a few questions

Hello everyone,

I am finishing a Web App that will be used by more than a person at a time. I read everything I could find, but I am still confused about a few things. I read that Session object is instantiated for each connected user. But what about the WebPages, WebDialogs etc. ?

I understand that these objects are created in the browser, but what about the properties of WebPages for example ? Are they instantiated per user, even on the server ? For example I have flags and objects in properties, and I don’t wish to shared them among users.

The online documentation does not give a top view for that, neither directions at how to properly create a Web App - unless I missed something. Where can I find that kind of information ? Xojo’s documentation, like that of other softwares, is like a dictionary: a lot of information is there, but with a dictionary, one can’t learn a language.

Many thanks

Each session has their own instance of the webpage.

You can find Eddies Electronics on GitHub You can play with this and try it out for yourself.

So App as well as styles and images are global to everyone, but Session and web objects are specifics to a specific user ?

Yes. The WebSessions are created automatically for you by the application. The WebSessions handles creating the WebPages.

I tend to have ImplicitInstance set to OFF for my WebPages so I definitely call New WebPage, but even with it ON the session creates a new instance of the WebPage for you.