session.ShowUrl doesn't work on iPad

Hi all,

I would like to open a new window (or tab) to show an URL or download files in any format inside my webApp. I use session.ShowUrl(url, true), this works on windows platform and android pad but not on iPad, please help.


iOS is severely limited. Some features cannot happen without the user interaction. Opening a new tab or starting a download maybe among them.

You may want instead to use a WebLink with target New Window, or a web link to start the download. In both cases, since the user will actually click on the link, it should work just fine.

Thanks Michel, it works on both Windows and iOS devices. The only thing left is how to style Xojo WebLink to a button-like control to make the UI unify. Thanks again.

Here is a workaround I posted back in 2015:

Just an additional detail. Put this in App.HTMLHeader or in a PageSource, it will suppress the text underline and make the text color black, so the link will really look like a button.

<style> a { text-decoration: none; color: black;} </style>

Thanks Michel,

I tried and it works. I will study and find out how more about CSS with Xojo.