session reference

i am creating a new DB for each user that opens a session in my

is there a simple way to get a number for the session which is active, which I can use to create a temp table.

I cannot use session.reference as this number changes and after a lot of logins i have loads of seperate files.
I cannot use session.remoteaddress as if 2 users log in from the same address they will use the same table.

is there a way i can get a session count for the currently logged in session, which is unique.
every time the session is started I dump the database
i cannot use memory db’s as the data is large and will fill all memory.

dave ?

What about creating a database name with the user name and current date/time. This may also help you purge old database tables later — you can have hyphens and numbers in a table name.

That’s what Session.Identifier is. It has the same value throughout the life of the session.

You could just set up a timer to periodically go through all of the sessions and get their identifiers and then check your temp table. If any are missing, delete the db file.