session: Properties or dictionary?

Hi all,

My session has more than a hundred properties. Does it may cause problems of reliability or performance? I think it’s more practical than a dictionary.

Thank you

Session is just a class, a subclass of WebSession. I’d think the biggest “problem” this could cause is simply organizing all those properties in the IDE, since they’ll only sort alphabetically.

ok, thank you Brad!

Something else you could do is store these values in a sqlitedatabase.

I would preferred a dictionary with only two methods. Set value and getValue, rather than hundred of properties.

Thank you Greg and Antonis!

Dictionary: I’m tempted, but the predictive text input is so convenient with the properties!

Dictionaries store variants so you could shove in a string & try to grab it our as a umber & have issues.

Personally I like that the language is strongly typed.

If you have to write

    dim v as integer = Get("Property")

which loses type safety

Why not just

dim v as integer = PropertyName
Which keeps the type safety