Session dissmissed

Hi all,

I need to update db when the session is about to close.
But in the close event, the current session is already nil…
And the db connexion is a property of Session (as suggested in this forum).

What can I do ?

in the session object, do not use session, use Self or directly xxx.

In this case, even in session.close, it works (self.db or db).

Ah damn! I can not edit my post now. Is that a administrator may modify these links?

Chris, I did not put a link in my comment, it is added automatically by the engine forum.

I didn’t click on the link :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks Olivier. It work’s great !

That’s a funny side effect of the forum adding automatic links. Made me laugh :slight_smile:

Dear Olivier,

Thank you for your explanation. I did click on the link because I thought it would lead me to some example.

We all have a history and my former marriadge was destroyed by someone who believed was a friend but in fact raped my ex and infected her with HIV. This was the reason I replied so strongly, which I do now regret.

Olivier, please accept my apology for my mistake, I believe also based on your replies at other places on this forum, that you are a sincere and helpfull person.

Friendly greetings,